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Dear readers how are you all I hope you are well I am good with your prayers I want to discuss the topic among you I hope you will like it very much the main topic of today’s discussion is best food delivery app in dhaka for more details about best food delivery app in dhaka the article is at the end Note up to

Best food delivery service in Dhaka

If you want to do food delivery online from Dhaka and if you want to order food online this is very important for you I will try to inform you through this article to know detailed information about (food delivery apps in Dhaka).

Best online food delivery app in Bangladesh

Now I am going to introduce you the apps where you can order food and get it delivered quickly. Let’s get acquainted with some of those food delivery apps.

#1. HungryNaki – Food Delivery App dhaka

best food delivery app in dhaka
  • By installing the HungryNaki delivery app from Google Play Store, you can easily order food online in Dhaka Mirpur or Dhaka Narayanganj and any location in Dhaka.

And the food will arrive at your doorstep in no time and these apps are great for ordering and delivery of the most popular food in Bangladesh.

#2. eFood – Express Food Delivery app

best food delivery app in dhaka
  • If you install eFood delivery apps from Google play store then you can order Birani online and can order any kind of food starting from any beef Birani and Goat Birani and Chicken Biryani from any location in Dhaka.

Also, install these apps to get food in a short time and order from these apps. In Bangladesh, this app is ranked 2nd in Google Play Store.

#3. FoodPanda app – food & groceries dhaka

best food delivery app in dhaka
  • FoodPanda Apps is ranked number three in Bangladesh in Google Play Store, if you want to order any kind of food online in a short time, then install FoodPanda Apps now.

Besides, you can order any kind of oil and masala house market and any kind of feta and any kind of vegetables or rice etc. from these apps.

4. KFC Bangladesh

best food delivery app in dhaka
  • KFC Bangladesh app is very popular for ordering food in Bangladesh and want to order any KFC food online.

So install it now from Google Play Store and order any food online using it.

5. Pizza Hut Bangladesh

best food delivery app in dhaka
  • If you want to order online any hot food and delicious food from home with Pizza Hut Bangladesh app.

Then install the app from the Google Play Store and within 20 to 30 minutes of ordering the food, it will be delivered to your home.

24/7 food delivery Dhaka

Dear readers, if you want to order any food in 24 hours, seven days, I have shared the best 7 online food ordering apps and delivery apps in Bangladesh above, use any one of them and install it in your phone.

If you like the article about home delivery food service in Dhaka, please share it with your friends. If you want to know more about this type of thing, please write in our comment box and stay connected with us. Thank you.

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