Google AdSense Approval For Blogger 2023 (Tips For Beginners)

Google AdSense approval for bloggerHow to get Google AdSense Approval for blogger
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How are you dear readers, I hope you are well, I am happy with your prayers, I am going to discuss the topic among you, I hope you will like it very much, the main topic of today’s discussion is the article at the very end for detailed information about Google AdSense approval for blogger notice.

How to get approved by Google AdSense for blogger?

If you want to get google adsense approval on the new blogger website quickly, let’s know how to do it in detail through this article.

Can I get AdSense approval with blogger?

How to monetize google adsense in 15 days on new blogger website now 10 steps will be shared with you separately let us know each step carefully.

If you want to monetize google adsense on your website quickly, first of all note the list of things you need to do below.

  1. First of all you need top level dot for blogger website. Must buy.
  2. After that, a new blogger website should be created.
  3. Blogger website should be designed Google AdSense friendly.
  4. A Blogger template that supports Google Adsense should be used and nicely customized.
  5. Then write SEO friendly 15 to 20 articles on blogger website between 600 words or 1000 words.
  6. Then the blogger website should be added to Google Search Console or Google Analytics and Google Search Engine and all blogger website articles should be indexed.
  7. Important pages of blogger website must be added.
  8. You need to open a new google adsense account for blogger website.
  9. Go to the dashboard of the blogger website and go to the earning option and apply for google adsense or connect the blogger website to the google adsense account.
  10. The HTML code of Google Adsense should be placed in the blogger website.

After that, if all the issues of your blogger website are according to the Google AdSense program policy, your blogger website will be Google AdSense approved within seven days or 15 days.

How to set up Google AdSense ads on blogger website?

Note that there are many of you who can’t setup google ads in blogger website properly, I am trying to show you how to setup google adsense ads in blogger website.

  • First you need to login Google Adsense.
  • Then there is an option called Adds click here.
  • Choose your ad size by clicking on the By ad unit option and click on it.
  • Then copy the Google AdSense ad code.
  • Now login your blogger website and insert google adsense ad code in your blogger website.

How to increase the earnings of Google AdSense blogger website?

Those of us who are blogging and earn through Google Adsense and those who are new bloggers and if your website’s Google Adsense revenue is low, how to increase it quickly, see the guidelines are being shared now.

  • First of all you need to write articles with good CPC keywords of Google AdSense to increase the earning of your blogger website.
  • And the articles of your blogger website should be seo.
  • Your blogger website posts should be shared on various social media.

In this way, if you work hard for a month, then very quickly your blogger website earnings will be much higher than before.

What is the alternative to Google Adsense for blogger websites?

For those of you who want to use alternative ad networks of Google Adsense in addition to Google Adsense for blogger websites, I will introduce some Google Adsense alternative networks that have good CPC.

  1. Amazon Associates Program
  2. Taboola Native Advertising
  3. Propeller Ads
  5. Adcash
  6. adversal
  7. Infolinks

The above list has given the best alternative marketplaces of Google AdSense, you can use these website monetization platforms along with Google AdSense by joining any one of them.

What to do if Google AdSense is not approved on the blogger website?

If you can’t get Google AdSense approval or monetization on blogger website, see the detailed guidelines shared now.

  • First of all, the contents of your blogger website should be changed or updated.
  • You need to change the images you are using in your blogger website articles.
  • If important pages of blogger website are not there then you must add them.
  • Blogger website articles must be indexed in google.
  • Check if Google AdSense HTML code is properly placed in Blogger website.

How to write articles to increase the earnings of Google Adsense on the blogger website?

Today I will share with you those who use blogger website and Google AdSense revenue is low, how to write articles to increase Google AdSense revenue?.

  • You need to do high CPC keyword research and write articles about those keywords.
  • The article that you write in Blogger website should be minimum 2000 words.
  • And you need to update blogger website articles regularly.

How can blogger increase website traffic?

If you want to increase website visitors you must do on page aco and generate for blogger website.

Besides, the articles of the blogger website should be shared here on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other social media.

Google Adsense Tutorial 2023

Dear readers, through this article I have tried to share all the information about blogger adsense tutorial, if you want to know more information, please write in our comment box.

Blogger Tutorial 2023

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