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google pixel phone price in usa 2023New Google Mobile Phone Rates 2023
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How are you dear reader I hope you are well I am good with your prayers I hope you will like the topic that I am going to discuss with you today the main topic of today’s discussion is google pixel phone price in usa latest update on 2024 for more details at the very end see

Google phone price in usa 2024

If you are willing to buy google mobile phone from USA then this article is going to be very important for you because in this article check out all google phones price list shared about USA.

All Google Phones Price List 2024

Below you can see the price list of 7 new google phones shared here you must follow below to know about the latest google mobile price.

#1. Google Pixel 6A price in USA

If you want to buy Google Pixel 6A mobile phone from USA.

Then see the detailed details shared about the mobile phone along with the price below.

Google Pixel 6A Release Date2022, July 21
Google Pixel 6A Camera12.2+12 megapixels
Google Pixel 6A Battery4400mAh
Google Pixel 6A Size6.1 inches
Google Pixel 6A Weight178 g
Google Pixel 6A Ram / Rom6GB / 128GB
Google Pixel 6A OSAndroid 12
Google Pixel 6A Price usa$449

#2. Google Pixel 6 Pro price in usa

If you want to buy Google Pixel 6 Pro mobile phone from United States.

Then check out the list below with details including prices.

Release Date28 October 2021
Camera50+48+12 megapixels
Battery5000 mAh
Size6.71 inches
Weight210 g
Ram / Rom12GB / 128GB/256GB/512GB
OSAndroid 12

#3. Google Pixel 6 price in usa

Google Pixel 6 If you want to buy this mobile phone from America, what is the price of the mobile phone?

And for details including specifications, check the list given below.

Release Date28 October 2021
Camera50+12+8 megapixels
Size6.4 inches
Weight207 g
Ram / Rom8GB / 128GB / 256GB
OSAndroid 12

#4. Google Pixel 5a price in usa 2024

Release Date2021, August
Camera12+16+8 megapixels
Battery4680 mAh
Size6.34 inches
Weight151 g
Ram / Rom6GB / 128GB
OSAndroid 11

#5. Google Pixel 4a 5G price in usa 2024

Release Date2020, November 05
Camera12.2+8 megapixels
Battery3885 mAh
Size6.2 inches
Weight168 g
Ram / Rom6GB / 128GB
OSAndroid 11

#6. Google Pixel 5 price in usa 2024

Release Date2020, October 15
Camera12.2+16+8 megapixels
Battery4080 mAh
Size6.0 inches
Weight151 g
Ram / Rom8GB / 128GB
OSAndroid 11

#7. Google Pixel 4a price in usa 2024

Release Date2020, August 20
Camera12.2+8 megapixels
Battery3141 mAh
Size5.81 inches
Weight143 g
Ram / Rom6 GB / 128 GB
OSAndroid 10

Dear reader, I have tried to tell you the detailed information about google pixel phone price in usa in the article.

If you want to know more upcoming Google phones prices then definitely stay connected with us thanks.

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