how to make passive income in canada 2023 / 9 Easy Ways

how to make passive income in canadaHow to make passive income in Canada online
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How are you dear reader I hope you are well I am also well in your prayers I am going to discuss the topic among you I hope you will like it very much today’s topic of discussion is how to make passive income in canada Watch for more details.

How to make passive income in Canada online new year?

If you want to make money from Canada without any investment online, in that case I will discuss about some online jobs through which you can earn 1000 USD American dollars per month. Let’s discuss in details.

#1. Google Adsense

If you want to earn 1000 dollars per month from Google Adsense then you can earn through Google Adsense in three ways.

  1. Youtube
  2. website.
  3. Android apps.

If you don’t understand the details of how you can earn online from google adsense then I have shared a video.

If you see this completely then you can easily earn through google adsense on youtube and websites and mobile apps.

#2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Now I will discuss in detail how you can earn more than 1000 dollars per month online by doing affiliate marketing from Canada.

  1. First you need to have a website and monetize your website from Amazon affiliate program.
  2. If you have apps on an android mobile then you can earn by amazon apps monetization.
  3. Amazon affiliate marketing can earn through social media Facebook or Twitter and other media.

If you want to start affiliate marketing from Canada and earn online, I have shared a youtube video.

If you watch this video till the end then you can easily earn huge amount by doing affiliate marketing in Canada.

#3. Domain Hosting Business

If you want to earn good amount from Canada by doing domain and hosting business then let’s know in detail how you can start web hosting business.

I have shared a video tutorial for you to know better how to start domain business Canada.

If you watch this youtube video carefully till the end then you can easily get rich fast by doing online e-commerce hosting business.

#4. selling books

If you want to earn from selling books online, how to sell books online, now I will try to tell you about this matter below.

  1. First you need to sign up and open an account with the websites that sell books.
  2. So you have to share the links of the books on different social media.
  3. If any country buys books from your link then you can generate commission and in this way you can easily earn by selling books online.

#5. Refer link

If you want to earn by referring links on various social media, then let’s know in detail how to earn by referring and inviting your friends.

  1. First you need to type refer and earn money in google search engine.
  2. Then you will see different websites and different apps that you need to sign up for.
  3. As an example, I can earn you $150 by inviting you to a fiber referral link, which is how you earn by joining other referral programs.

#6. Online ticket sales

If you want to earn by selling flight tickets online or earn by selling train tickets or earn by selling bus tickets see below how to get started.

  1. First you need to participate in hotel booking affiliate marketing or sign up here for various booking affiliate marketing.
  2. After that you will get a link, this link you invite on different social media or among your friends.
  3. You can generate commission if someone books tickets online from your link.

#7. Monetize website

How you can earn by creating a website and monetizing that website is now discussed in detail.

  1. First of all you need to create a website from blogger or wordpress platform.
  2. Next you need to write enough articles in your website.
  3. Monetize your website by signing up for any website monetization platform (Google AdSense, Infolinks, CJ Affiliate, Adsterra, Adcash).
  4. Then you can earn money by setting up ads on your website and withdraw your earned money to your bank account.

#8. Apps Monetization

If you want to earn online by creating android apps and mobile apps monetization, then carefully observe the complete how-to guide shared below.

  1. First if you are an apps developer then you create any app of your choice.
  2. Then you need to sign up any one of the apps monetization platform (Google AdMob, StartApp, AppLovin, Chartboost, InMobi) then you create ad units for the apps and then put your apps in it.
  3. Then upload your apps according to google play store and if someone installs your apps from google play store then ads will show in your apps and from there you can earn.

#9. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best online jobs in the world. If you want to earn money by doing freelancing work, how to start freelancing is discussed below.

  1. Any of the jobs that fall under the freelancing category will require you to gain work experience.
  2. Then you need to sign up to a freelancing marketplace like (Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour) from here.
  3. Then do you know the freelancing work with that service you can earn by working very easily.

Through this reader article I am trying to tell you how to earn online hope you understand.

And if you are interested to know more new online earning ideas then definitely stay connected with us.

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