How to record screen on MAC 2023 [Windows & PC]

How to record screen on MAC 2023How to screen record audio on Mac with headphones
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Hey, Hope everybody is well. Today we will learn about a very important subject. That is how to record screen on mac computer screen.

Nowadays we have to record the screen of our computer for various purposes. Apart from presentations, online classes, tutorials, and YouTube content, many people get embarrassed when they go to record short videos at different times.

Today we will see how to record screens on a Mac computer. So let’s learn today how we can record our screen.

There are many types of video recording software available on the Internet. Some are free and some are paid. Today I will show you how to record videos of your choice with free software.

Conventional software:

  1. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
  2. Ezvid
  3. TinyTake
  4. Apowersoft
  5. Loom
  6. Icecream Screen Recorder
  7. Camtasia
  8. Debut Video Capture Software
  9. QuickTime Player
  10. HyperCam 4

Steps to record screen on Mac computer?

We will use Mac’s built-in QuickTime Player for easy video recording on a Mac computer or Mac. With it, it is very easy to make some small edits including video records. Let’s get started and see how to record a video with QuickTime Player.

First press Cmd + Space to go to Mac’s Spotlight search and from there type QuickTime Player to search and enter.

Then you have to select New Screen Recording from the File option. Then a window will appear to turn on the screen recording. From there you have to press the record button.

Then show the recording area or how much space will be recorded by dragging or dragging with the mouse.

Once the specific part is shown, click the Start Recording button in the middle of the screen to start recording.

Once the required part has been recorded, the video can be stopped by clicking on the button shown with the arrow in the image below. Needless to say, you can’t pause the video while recording.

At the end of the record, File> Save or Cmd + S can be saved with the file name and location.

If you want to make the necessary edits to the video, you can make minor edits such as cutting specific clips from the Edit menu, taking clips before and after, or cutting out some parts.


  • Very simple interface.
  • Can be quickly recorded and edited.
  • Good-quality videos are available.


  • The video size is large.


You can also record the screen on MAC’s other software. Since these are paid software, I didn’t show them like today. I hope the other software will be discussed one day. Until then, everyone will be fine. Thanks for patiently reading the whole thing.

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