Nokia Mobile Price in Canada 2023 [Today Update]

nokia mobile price in canada

How are you dear reader I hope you are well I am good with your prayers I am going to discuss the topic among you I hope you will like it very much today’s topic is nokia mobile price in canada check out more about it.

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All Nokia Mobile Price in Canada 2023

If you are interested in buying Nokia new model phone from Canada then this article is very important for you because this article lists about (Best Nokia phone) with price, hopefully you can know more about (Nokia phones 2023) within your budget.

#1. Nokia C12 CAN$177
#2. Nokia 2780 FlipCAN$109
#3. Nokia G60CAN$435
#4. Nokia C31CAN$177
#5. Nokia 110CAN$27
Nokia 5710 XpressAudioCAN$95
Nokia 8210 4GCAN$82
Nokia 2760 FlipCAN$61
Nokia 2660 FlipCAN$82
Nokia G11 PlusCAN$204
Nokia C2 (2nd Edition)CAN$122
Nokia C21 PlusCAN$177
Nokia C21CAN$163
Nokia G11CAN$218
Nokia G21 CAN$258
Nokia G400CAN$340
Nokia G100CAN$203
Nokia C200CAN$163
Nokia C100CAN$ 135
Nokia 225 4G Payment EditionCAN$75
Nokia X30CAN$721
Nokia X100CAN$340
Nokia G300 5GCAN$271
Nokia G50 5GCAN$422
Nokia 6310 (2021)CAN$68
Nokia C1 2nd EditionCAN$75
Nokia XR20CAN$653
Nokia 105 4GCAN$39
Nokia 110 4GCAN$41
Nokia C01 PlusCAN$109
Nokia C30CAN$156
Nokia C20 PlusCAN$163
Nokia 2720 V FlipCAN$122
Nokia C10CAN$129
Nokia G20CAN$258
Nokia C20CAN$150
Nokia X20CAN$564
Nokia X10CAN$503
Nokia G10CAN$224
Nokia 1.4CAN$163


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