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threads app

How are you dear reader I hope you are well I am good with your prayers I am going to discuss the topic among you I hope you will like it very much the main topic of today’s discussion is to know more about threads app.

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How to download threads app apk?

threads app by meta apk if you want to download it for free on android phone how to do it now I will show you the complete process and if you are interested then definitely follow the guidelines that I have shared with you below.

#1. First connect data or WiFi on your phone.

#2. Then sign in Google Play Store account.

threads app

#3. Then open play store.

#4. Then type search apps here (threads by meta apk play store) then click on enter button.

threads app

#5. Everyone will get the above app in the play store, there is an install button next to it, click on it.

#6. Then wait for complete installation.

How to use threads app apk?

How to use Threads from Instagram app, the complete process is shared below, if you are interested, follow the tips given below.

  1. Download and install the app: Search for “Threads from Instagram” in your device’s app store (e.g., Apple App Store or Google Play Store), download the app, and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Sign in to your Instagram account: Launch the Threads app and sign in using your Instagram credentials. You need to have an active Instagram account to use Threads.
  3. Customize your settings: Upon signing in, you’ll have the option to customize your privacy and notification settings. You can choose who can see your status, control notifications, and manage other preferences according to your preferences.
  4. Create a close friends list: Threads focuses on sharing with your close friends on Instagram. You can create a close friends list by selecting the “Create a List” option and adding people from your Instagram followers or suggestions. This list will determine who you can share your updates with.
  5. Share photos, videos, and messages: Once you have your close friends list set up, you can start sharing content with them. You can take photos or videos directly within the app or upload existing ones from your device’s gallery. Threads also provides features like text messaging, and you can use it to have private conversations with your close friends.
  6. Use the Auto Status feature (optional): Threads has an Auto Status feature that allows you to automatically share certain updates with your close friends, like your location or what you’re currently doing. If you wish to use this feature, you can enable it in the app’s settings.

How to sign up for threads without instagram?

How to sign up threads app Now I will show you the complete process through screenshots and detailed guide lines if you are interested to know.

  • First install by clicking on threads sign up link.
threads app
  • Then open the apps on your phone.
threads app
  • Then click on the (login with Instagram) button.
  • Then login with your Instagram account username or email address and password.
threads app
  • If you don’t have an Instagram account, open a new Instagram account by clicking on the sign up button.
threads app
  • Then choose your name.
  • Then enter Bio.
  • Then add any links you like.
  • And if you want click on Import from Instagram button.
threads app
  • Then click on public profile or private profile and click on continue button.
threads app
  • Then click on follow all button or skip.
threads app
  • Then click on (Join Threads) button.

Then you can use it as you like very easily.


Readers, through this article, I have tried to inform you about the detailed information about the threads account and if you do not understand anything and have any kind of problem, please let us know by commenting.

Also stay with us to know any information regarding Instagram Sign up download and if you like the article and if you are interested to tell your friends then definitely share it on social media thanks.

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