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how delete google account 2023Delete Google account from phone
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how delete google account 2023? Google provides all of the web services. If you want to use any of Google products like Gmail, you have to create a google account to access it.

Sometimes we do not want to continue using Google service or do not want to continue using our old google account. Fortunately, Google makes it possible to delete a Google account permanently.

A google account keeps all the data like email documents on google and other subscription histories on the web. If we delete our Google account without keeping any backup we will lose our important data.

In this article, we are going to delete our Google account permanently. but at first, we have to a backup of our data. So let’s get started.

Backup your Google account data

Google lets you take a backup of your account data. You can back up your important files, photos, purchases, and bookmarks. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Open a browser from your mobile or computer and log in to your Google account.

Step 2: Now go to

Step 3: From the bottom select Export data.

Step 4: Now choose what type of data you want to export.

Step 5: Once your selection is done, Scroll down and click on the Next step button.

Step-6: Now choose the file type, frequency, and destination as your requirement and click on the Crete export button.

Step-7: Once the export process is done Google will send you a download link via email. by clicking this link you can download your backup data.

Delete your Google account

After getting back up your data you can delete your Google account without any worry. But, make sure that your Google account doesn’t have any pending payment tokens.

Follow the steps below To delete your Google account:

Step 1: Open a browser from your mobile or computer and log in to your Google account.

Step 2: Now go to

Step 3: Click on Delete your account.

Step 4: This step will ask you for authentication. Verify your ownership by entering your Google password.

Step-5: Read the google notice and Check that acknowledgment. Now click on the Delete account button to complete the process.

Last word

Once you have done this operation you cannot undo this. Hope this complete guide helps you to delete your Google account. If you face any problems let me know in the comment section.

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