How to project mobile screen to laptop windows 7/10/11

How to project mobile screen to laptopHow to share mobile screen on laptop Windows 10
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It is an amazing experience to cast a mobile screen on a laptop. It can help you in many ways, such as a phone screen on a PC can assist you to remove the extra step of grabbing the smartphone for each new notification. If you’re a developer, you’ll check app performance on the Android phone mockup, and sharing media files to your PC will also become very easy to do.

Casting a mobile screen on a laptop works with a mirroring function that lets you replicate your laptop screen as Smart TV from a mobile. In this article, we will show you How to cast a mobile screen on a laptop?.

How to cast a mobile screen on a laptop?

Casting a phone screen to a laptop is a little bit complicated task. Because there are many types of mobile and laptop devices available, and the methods of their casting are different.

But don’t worry In this article, we will cover all possible methods for casting the android screen on a laptop. So try those methods one by one hooked up with your favorite one.

Cast a mobile screen on a laptop without a third-party app

In Android devices, things are not simple sometimes because many features support some of them and some don’t support them.

And it is true on the casting screen on a laptop as well. But if you have the built-in feature of screencasting in your Android you can try this method.

The steps are given below:

Step-1: At first, you have to go to Settings.

Step 2: Then you have to head on Display and after that tap on Cast.

Step-3: Now tap on the Menu Button here you have to activate the checkbox named Enable wireless display.

Step-4: After you do that and have the Connect app open you will see your PC that appears in the list.

Step 5: You have to just tap the PC and it will start projecting.

Note: If you can’t see the option of your PC, it may cause the manufacturing difference of your device. In this case, you have to look up how to use Miracast on your device.

Now you may see a black screen on your PC. And that is happening for the Settings app because it is considered Protected content for Security. So you have to leave the settings app before your Android screen appears in the Connect app.

Here the Connect app will produce notifications and you will find them on the Action Center. And one more thing when your laptop screen is black you can’t see your cursor and neither uses the cast connected to it.

If we start the projecting then one time we have to stop it also and for that, you have to close the Connect window on the PC by receiving the remote display or you can also do it with the remote display connection on the device projecting to it.

Last Word

Friends this was a complete guide on How to cast a mobile screen on a laptop. Hope this guide will help you with the information about methods.

If you face any problems while you follow these methods that we told you in our article or if you have any questions to ask, please don’t feel uncomfortable informing us.

You can inform us in the comment section. We will try our best to answer your questions properly and as soon as possible.

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